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By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 18 Nov 2015 | comments*Discuss
Contact Us

This site is written with you in mind and we therefore welcome any feedback you give us.

The easiest way to let us know what you think of the site, an article, or simply to ask a question - is by posting a comment at the end of an article. We try to respond to most comments but when we can't...usually a reader will. We like to encourage discussion in the comments sections, which have now started to produce some lively chat and enabled readers to share their experiences.

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In general we create most of our revenue from Google Ads. It's fairly simple for us and allows us to carry on creating high quality content, without having to manage our own advertising, as we are only a small team.

If you are interested in sponsoring the site in some way then we are interested in talking to you. In the first instance please contact me, Jane Marshall, (details below) with the word 'sponsor' in the subject field and we can share the visitor stats for ChildSupportLaws and start a discussion.

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If you are from the press, a potential advertiser etc. and want to get in touch with us, in the first instance please contact Jane Marshall (Features Editor). Unfortunately we cannot publicise all of your causes or notices on our site (we get too many requests). Nor can we release the contact details of anyone featured in our case studies or articles.

Please note that, to prevent spam, the email address below is an image so you'll need to type it in manually.

 Jane Marshall
Features Editor
Daresbury Point
Green Wood Drive
Manor Park
Cheshire, WA7 1UP

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Add me on facebook to keep up with my latest news and gossip. I'll be sharing snippets about our websites, keeping you up to date with our latest fan page views and letting you know about exciting new things we're up to with our business. It would be great to hear from you too - share your tips, views and news. Search for janemmarshall in Facebook search.

Want to Write for Us?
If you are very experienced in your field and consider yourself an expert then we are interested in having you write for us. If you would like to join us then send an email to Jane Marshall.

Please include:

  • Details of your experience or qualifications in this subject
  • Details of your experience in writing about this topic
  • Examples of your previously published work

Our Images

We get lots of requests to use our images for which we don't generally own the copyright as we buy them from photographers around the world. Unfortunately we can't grant you the right to use them. You might be better either buying a cheap image or using one off Wikipedia etc that has a 'creative commons' licence. Getting sued by a nasty image library is not pleasant (we know!).

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