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Appealing Child Support Decisions

By: Lorna Elliott LLB (hons), Barrister - Updated: 14 Apr 2016 |
Appeal Child Support Submission Csa

The Tribunals Service handles appeals relating to child support decisions, both those that are made by the Child Support Agency and Jobcentre Plus. The tribunal can also vary decisions made by the CSA and Jobcentre Plus. If the tribunal makes a decision that is wrong in law, this can be appealed to a child support commissioner.

Timescale for Appeals to be Made

Appeals must be made within one month of receipt of notice of the decision, which is deemed to be the date when the notice is issued. An appeal may be lodged outside the time limit (‘out of time’), but only by making a written application, which must comply with certain requirements. In these circumstances there must be compelling reasons to allow an appeal to be considered, and the later the appeal, the more compelling the reasons must be.

Evidence for the Appeal

The CSA will prepare a submission, which will vary in length depending on whether, in its view, the CSA considers the appeal to have merit or not.

When you decide to appeal a decision, you should consider whether or not you have any further evidence that you want the tribunal to consider in relation to your case. You should also give thought to whether or not you have any witnesses. If you require further information or evidence from another source, you can ask the tribunal to give a direction that the information should be released for the purposes of your appeal.

Appeals can be struck out by the tribunal’s clerk in several circumstances: if the appellant does not pursue the appeal properly; or by failing to comply with a direction given by the tribunal (if it has been specified that such failure will result in a striking out), or if the appellant doesn’t notify the tribunal that he/she requires an oral appeal hearing.

Hearing the Appeal

Either party in an appeal can apply for an oral hearing. In the alternative, the tribunal can direct that there is a need for an oral hearing. In all other cases, the appeal will be decided on the papers. Hearings are usually held in public.

The Appeal Decision

When the evidence has been heard and submissions read, the tribunal members will consider the case. The decision will usually be provided to all parties on the day of the hearing.

Appealing a Decision in Law

If the tribunal makes a decision that is wrong in law the decision can be appealed to the child support commissioner. This is not an appeal that can be made on the facts of a particular case, but must essentially be on the basis that the law relating to the decision was either misinterpreted or used incorrectly in the appeal. Either party can appeal a decision in this way.

In order to appeal a point of law you must first obtain permission from the tribunals service to do so, and within one month of the tribunal’s decision. Unlike other appeals, these cases are usually determined with written submissions only. However, some cases do have oral hearings, in which case the commissioner usually reserves the decision to a later date (i.e. does not provide a decision there and then in relation to the outcome.)

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I have been chasing my ex for payment to his son for 6 years.He has been on and off benefits and lives in his mother's house which is in her name (she is 83) which he and his partner have completely converted (whilst he was on benefits) into a two storey three bedroomed house with a new garage built on the side.He now owns his own car sales business and declares that he pays himself only £150.00 per week salary, the cars he sells are all in his company name.He owes nearly £5000 to my son who is now 10! There is actually no hope of ever receiving anything from him because SCOTTISH LAW allows the unpaying parent too many loopholes to hide in and the child is not supported at all!!
janey1458 - 27-Jan-16 @ 4:25 PM
I have now been on the phone again to the csa, having been told that they can't do anything, My ex husband has been criminally convicted of benefit fraud. Him and his partner were claiming benefits while working really well at Avon(doing very well by all accounts) he falsified his bank statements, his conviction has made their local press!. Not really holding much hope of getting anything as they don't know how to deal with it, not usual to be found out, could go on for months and I was told they have to ask him first!
caroline benson-lusc - 23-Jan-16 @ 10:48 AM
Despite my daughter not returning to school after AS results in June/July 2015 her mother has not declared this and I believe is still fraudulently claiming child benefit. I believe my liability ceased at the end of approved education. My daughter has not attended school or further education at all since beginning of 2015 2016 term (September) and in ignorance of this I continued my direct debit payments for 4 more payments totalling £1200 . While she continues to defraud and flout her legal requirements to give informationI am told by CSA that i should continue paying until they themselves decide but without information from the mother this may take for ever ! I have other children which need this money desperatelyincluding my daughter in Canada (which despite CSA acknowledging the the proof of regular monetary transfers to her has never included thisin my assessment because i pay voluntary !!!). CSA splits families and apportions unfairly and arbitrarily. My ex partner is committing fraud so why should i have to pay further !!
Stitched up by fraud - 31-Dec-15 @ 7:02 PM
my husband owes 15000 in child support im going to a tribunal soon because he has said he has no income but i have evidence that he owns his own fishing lake and is running it as a business i have a feeling that everything will be put in his partners name as she sold her house for 250000 to buy it for them how can i enforce payment
zee - 21-Oct-15 @ 10:34 PM
Hi I was wondering if anyone can help . I have a 3 Children with my Ex and he has stopped paying CSA . Evert time i ring the CSA they say they are looking into this. He stopped paying at Christmas and is now in £3000 of arreas. He is saying that the payments he is being asked to pay is unrealistic and if true is fine BUT he is not declaring his Earings as true . He is self employed and changed directorship of the company he opened to his father so that they can fiddle the Figures . He gets paid a certain ammount and the rest cash . The company is still registered to his Address but claims he does subcontracting for his own company. Also he has said that he is living alone when he is not he has a partner that lives with him who is not registered on the electoral roll at his property . He made himself bankrupt a few years back so he didnt have to pay off his debts . The CSA are now awaiting his new accounts so they can re evaluate his earning but as the figures are false they will come back with hardly anything
june - 29-Aug-15 @ 11:44 AM
Csa is 1 big joke if you ask me my daughters dad pays £2pw by standing order he got his girlfriend to close my case I had to pay another£20 administration fees for a new claim when I never received a penny from the first claim he's also running an illegal business of wich I can prove also has £19,000 in savings it took 4 months for csa to get in touch there excuse was my case ad just been left on the shelf there was a point he was working for 5 months I never received anything more nor is there any payments back dated to cover this work period he was also asking to claim back £10 diesel wen he was working id rather he kept the £2 it's an absolute joke it cost you more to be involved with the csa disgrace. My code at the bottomsays MUG that says alot doesn't it they got that right when it comes to the csa having your child's best interests at heart haha haha absolutejoke.
Asia - 28-Aug-15 @ 11:48 PM
Wozzer - Your Question:
I am currently working on a low income I currently earn 1400 pounds per month out of this money csa take 400 pounds per month. I have to spend out of the 1000 pound left 241 on car loan and approx 240 per month on diesal to get to and thro from work leaving me with 519 in income that is food and rent. Plus council tax and gas and electric it just doesnt go. My ex wife and partner both have brand new cars with personalised number plates and both work part time how is this deemed to be fair.

Our Response:
The money is calculated from your earnings based on the day-to-day needs of your child and your personal responsibility to your child as the non-resident parent, regardless of what your ex earns.
ChildSupportLaws - 10-Aug-15 @ 10:29 AM
@Annoyed Dad - you should be able to ask for confidentiality. Your ex shouldn't need see all your financial statements.
Ben - 7-Aug-15 @ 1:57 PM
I am currently working on a low income i currently earn 1400 pounds per month out of this money csa take 400 pounds per month. I have to spend out of the 1000 pound left 241 on car loan and approx 240 per month on diesal to get to and thro from work leaving me with 519 in income that is food and rent. Plus council tax and gas and electric it just doesnt go. My ex wife and partner both have brand new cars with personalised number plates and both work part time how is this deemed to be fair.
Wozzer - 7-Aug-15 @ 10:17 AM
To cut a long story short the whole process is geared towards the benefit of the resident parent - Usually the Mother. She has taken me to a tribunal over child support and the judge has asked too see 12 months bank statements, which is fine but the problem is my ex wife will get to see 12 months of my financial life. How is that fair? Surely only the transactions relating to income should be shown to the other side NOT how I spend my money?
Annoyed Dad - 6-Aug-15 @ 1:11 PM
I was wondering if anyone knows if fathers are still able to claim back CSA monies from the child's mothersif receipts for clothes trainers,etc are kept and signed by the child's mother and shown to the CSA?Hope that makes sense.
Taylor. - 14-Jul-15 @ 5:46 PM
@debbie doomy husband - he can complain or appeal against the decision if he thinks he has been treated unfairly, see link here. I hope this helps.
ChildSupportLaws - 3-Jul-15 @ 12:32 PM
My husband was told oct last year his case is closed and child maintence is no longer payable.His son went back to college last year after the case closed his mother made a mandatory request and the dissission still was in our favour.SHe has appealled again to courts and tribule 4months lateand they excepted it cause she said she was ill and didnt read her mail from sept 14till jan 15 we appealled cause she put in for a mandatory request in nov rwguarding the maintance ceasing so she had been reading her mail we have also overpaid she wants maintence for herson from sept to 16th dec 2014 when he left the family home.Now the csa have changed the date to 10th of dec which my husband doesnt agree with plus he travels to work 60 miles round trip when we asked about claiming for the amount of milkage he does a day they wouldnt except it and aaid he have to pay the same this is wrongbecase the booklet say different .Hehas no arrears either olease help we do not know what to do now
debbie doomy husband - 2-Jul-15 @ 8:04 PM
@Si - you might have to take it to court. Firstly, if you need to access your children, you can apply for the form C4, which is an application for an order for disclosure of a child's whereabouts. It would mean you could deal with the payments and access arrangements at the same time. You can also see how much you should be paying via the child maintenance calculator here. Should you not have the money for the hefty legal fees, you can self-litigae, see link here. I hope this helps.
ChildSupportLaws - 29-Jun-15 @ 2:21 PM
I'm a little concerned at the law how is it I'm made to pay full csa with charges when I would love nothingmore than to see my 3 little girls which I have no idea where they are as the ex ran off 3 yrs ago and now I have to pay csa I have no problems paying for my girls but I would love to see them I can't reduce the amounts as I don't know where they live to get access and I can't pay direct cause the csa can't get hold of my ex so I'm left and forced to pay the maximum withcharges through no fault of my own how is this legally correct I'm living with a new partner now and her 3 children that depend on my wages now we will have to move to a cheaper home if it's possible this is causing huge upset to the family . I just don't understand how you can cause financial difficulty to one family to help my ex who ran off in the first place thinking the grass is greener and I'm left to suffer at her bad decisions where is the equality and fairness
Si - 26-Jun-15 @ 6:37 PM
@Candlewax - it depends on why it wasn't paid and whether your ex couldn't for reasons such as unemployment etc. However, if this is not the case and you feel that you have been treated unfairly, then, as suggested in the article, you can complain or appeal via the link here. I hope this helps.
ChildSupportLaws - 3-Jun-15 @ 11:10 AM
What do I do when the liability order obtained through the courts isn't paid as agreed and the CSA have closed my case as I'm no longer a priority? I'm owed £6,500 still?
Candlewax - 31-May-15 @ 2:04 PM
@scarednskint - if you think you have been unfairly treatedby the CSA you can complain via the link here. I hope this helps.
ChildSupportLaws - 13-May-15 @ 12:53 PM
The csa contacted my husband in Dec, told him he'd overpaid and to cancel the standing order. Next thing we know is a letter saying he owes nearly £800. This has been vigorously pursued by the csa despite them knowing that my husband had a blood clot on the lung at the time, therefore I was dealing on his behalf,I have MS and am badly affected by stress..they threatened to take 60% of his wages immediately he returned to work. We have now proved to them he did not owe anything. I had paid it for him due to the amount of stress it was causing us, and was told by the csa staff member who basically bullied a payment out of me that if they had made an error we would be refunded. I now find this is incorrect information, he will only be refunded his nearly £800 overpayment by way of reduced weekly payments. Do not trust anything the csa say. Despite having proof of being told we would get our money back, they are still refusing to pay back a lump sum that was never owed in the first place. Reduced weekly payments really don't help us when we paid out money we didn't owe,and didn't really have. It seems there is no one who can put this right, but csa staff keep saying we have their sympathy. Sadly sympathy won't pay the bills. Can't believe that proof that it is all a csa error will not get us our money back.
scarednskint - 11-May-15 @ 7:19 PM
@terror - there is no predicting what the court will decide on. Even though she was being unreliable, does that mean his mother should be totally phased out of his life for ever? Fathers have been subject to this sort of behaviour for far too long, but it works both ways and while I can't understand your frustration she is still entitled to see her son if the court decides. JJ
Jacks - 2-Mar-15 @ 12:16 PM
Derina, just read your comment, going by past experience you will have to tell csa, they can find out the info you don't know. You can't get money backdated until you phone and log it. I think it's a disgrace as they are suppose to inform csa of changes but nothing they do if they don't. So I advise to phone as soon as you know he is working.
Rachel - 2-Mar-15 @ 8:36 AM
I have full custody of my son an had to stop my exs contact as she wasn't turning up an it was effecting his emotional well being an now 6 months later she has decided she wants to see him again an is taking me to court but she has let my son down badly on two separate occasions where ive put a stop to the contact will the court decide for her to be part of his life again knowing full well she is more than likelyto let him down again if so how many times will this be allowed to go on for im worried it will end up causing him long term emotional damage an what are the chances of getting a no contact order if she does let him down again
terror - 26-Feb-15 @ 9:09 PM
Currently get £10 CSA deducted from my ex husbands UB. Will CSA automatically deduct money when he signs off and becomes employed, or do I have to notify them? He won't tell me his address or which company he's working for but I do have his NI number
Derina - 17-Feb-15 @ 6:05 PM
What are the contact details that I need to take steps to take furthur action against CSA and the abscent parent as after 9 years I am still not recieving child maintainence pays properly even when a DEO is in place. I have had enough of ringing csa and listening to the same words week in and week out I can not take this any more it is ridicolous taking 9 years to sort it out and its still not sorted thank you for any help I might recieve
Donna Kirkwood - 19-Sep-14 @ 8:45 PM
As per my last entry on the 2 March 2012 further news regarding the CSA and their handling of my case! The case was moved to be heard at tier Two Tribunal. I and my legal team are still waiting for the result of the hearing. Even though the CSA know there is an ongoing tribunal they still went ahead to court yesterday in my absence with out even notifying me that they were going to court, and a liability order came in the post today! I have documentary prove from the CSA to my MP, that thay admitmit that they failed to notify me back in 2007 that my "ex"had gone to the CSA with out telling me! What my "ex"failed to tell the CSA was that we had made our own agreement and my EX was paying me the Non Res Parent £50 per week for two and a half years! Why? Because my son lived with me for three nights a week and I took him to school for three days a week Tue Wed and Thursday. Now the CSA say I owe her £6825, I was made redundanttwo years ago and I am on JSA. I an on a zero rating forCSA according to the CSA! They even tried to take £35 from my JSA and were forced to pay that back to me as they should have only taken max £5 per week than they found out that I should be on Zero rate CSA as all along the line they made mistake after mistake. I can even prove today that they lie on the phone. I was told my case worker was not at work today even though I had just got of the phone and was speaking to her less that ten minutes earlier. So there you have it The CSA are blatantliers! So I am now going to take them to ECHR and sue them for malpractice..all being well. I nearly called the Samaritans today as I cant take any more CSA lies! Regards to all fellow NRP and (Dads) IWill keep you posted from prison! Flamiscoty.
Flaminscoty - 27-Mar-13 @ 9:55 PM
My case against me has been closed by the CSA due to me being a non resident in the UK, I have a foreign bank account and get paid in dollars. My case is about to be heard in a Tribunial and Im worried about the out come as Im unable to attend due to my work and the fact I live overseas, I also own a propety in the uk.
NOV - 4-Jul-12 @ 2:36 PM
Hi have decided my marriage can no longer go on due to alcohol problems with my husband hes be to aa but didnt think much of it he only went once The problem I have is that I dont think he pays tax or anything so he doesnt exist how would I be able to make any claim in this case I have 2 children a son age 4 and daughter age1 and am not working I worked for 18 months and paid my tax which was not much as only worked 2 days a week which I intend to do once my daughter reaches 18mths
gem - 15-May-12 @ 12:37 PM
@Beebo123 - it's unlikely your ex will have that amount to give you as a one - off, so it's more likely it will be taken (and paid to you) in installments.
Windfall - 15-May-12 @ 10:33 AM
hi can someone please help, my csa assessment has just been changed and after months of communication i have now been informed that i am owed over 5,000 from the absent parent in arrears, does anyone know how this is usually paid, will it be in a lump sum or weekly on top of the normal csa payments, im very confused with it all.. thanks in advance for any help
beebo123 - 14-May-12 @ 4:37 PM
I don't find fathers or the CSA a joke.My son is certainly not laughing. He has shared the care of his children for almost 50% of the time, sharing costs of clothes and holidays.By the time he stumps up to his ex. he is left with less than £200 per week to pay all his bills and feed his children when they are residing with him. His ex. is doing fine. She is a full time teacher on a good salary, claims all the child benefts and has a partner who shares her household bills and who is 'not really living with her'. She is continually crying poverty. I don't blame the CSA. They are operating within the law.The law needs to be changed to protect by the NRP and the PWC.
browned off - 22-Apr-12 @ 6:47 PM
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