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Listings FAQ

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 2 Dec 2011 | comments*Discuss
Listings Faq

We get occasional questions regarding listings on ChildSupportLaws.co.uk.

Within this document we hope that we have addressed many of the questions that you might have.

Can I add more than one selection to my listing?
With a free listing you only add one selection. With a Featured Listing you can add up to 10 by holding down the Control key whilst making multiple selections. Free Listings are automatically checked and multiple selections are deleted.

Why can't I add my website address in the description?
We don't allow website addresses (URL's) to be shown in the description due to problems that we have experienced in the past with spam. If you want to show your web address you will need to upgrade to a Featured Listing where your website URL will be shown in a separate field.

What level of security do we offer?
Firstly we would like to confirm that the ChildSupportLaws system holds no confidential information about you other than the information that you first enter. All credit card information is held only by Paypal and not ourselves.

We do use human text verification to prevent you getting spam email from our system. To date there has been no spam email sent through our system.

Can anyone find my email address?
No, your email address is always kept private on this website. All emails are sent through our private email server to prevent your email address being harvested and used for unsolicited email. All conversations between members and enquirers are undertaken via the website, so your personal email address is never visible to anyone else.

What does a Featured Listing give me?
With a Featured Listing you get the following:
  • Your listing will appear in the top of all relevant searches. If you fall within the search radius then you will appear above all of the closer listings in a bold font.
  • Your website address, telephone number and full postal address is displayed.
  • You can enter a longer description of up to around 250 words.
  • Your listing will achieve higher visibility to the 2000+ page views that ChildSupportLaws delivers each day.

How much does it cost and how do I sign up?
A Featured Listing costs £ per year. We charge via Paypal and it is not a recurring charge or subscription.

To sign up simply edit your listing and when you confirm it you will be presented with an upgrade screen giving you the option to go to Paypal to make the payment.

When will my listing be upgraded?
We automatically, within a few minutes, send you an email to confirm when it has been actioned.

I've forgotten my password
If you go to the Request Your Details form then you can enter your email address and we'll send your password by return. If you can't find your email then you can contact us or add another listing.

How do I remove my Listing?
You can also choose not to display your listing by checking the 'Remove from Searches' box when you edit your listing.

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