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Maintenance: Separation and Divorce

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If a couple separate or divorce there will be many things to consider. These will include how they divide their possessions, what to do with their home, shared finances and other equally important matters. If there are children, within the relationship, maintenance and child support will also become a consideration.

Responsibilities And Obligations

It is a parent’s responsibility and obligation to provide financial support for their children. This is accepted in the form of Child Support, which is paid to the parent the child will continue to live with. This could also be paid to other family members, grandparents or a legal guardian, if this is who the child or children live with.

Child Support payments are made to allow the parent with care to have sufficient funds to cover the costs of raising a child, and should be used to pay for educational and extracurricular activities, clothing, shelter and food.

Shared Care

The parent who retains full-time responsibility for a child, is known as the parent with care and is entitled to receive maintenance from the parent who lives elsewhere. In some cases custody of the child is shared, and the child divides their time between both parents equally. Shared care is usually considered to be the best option for the child, as they will regularly get to benefit from spending time with each parent.

By sharing care and parental responsibilities the 'with care' parents are also agreeing to contribute financially to the costs of the child’s expenses. However, the father will still be expected to pay maintenance to the child’s mother, although the amount payable will be considerably less than if he had limited contact with the child.

Maintenance Payment Limit

Maintenance is calculated by assessing the income of both parents. After pension contributions are deducted maintenance payments are worked out as being 15% of the net sum for one child, 20% for two children and 25% for three or more children. Children from a second family with be treated in the same way, and the number of children will be taken into account when payable maintenance is calculated.

The non resident parent is obligated to pay maintenance towards the cost of their child, until the child reaches the age of 19.

Court Orders

The court can issue orders for a number of different financial reasons.This includes maintenance payments to a former partner, maintenance for children, the provision of a lump sum to a partner and/or children, a property adjustment or transfer of property, or a claim on the other’s person’s pension.

After filing divorce proceedings the man or woman can file a financial claim application. These forms are filled in by both individuals at the same time, and an appointment is then made with the court. Once evidence has been filed a decision is reached in court. The court decides financial issues by examining evidence, the income and earning capacity of both individuals, other financial resources and responsibilities, the standard of living and the contribution each person makes to the welfare of the children.

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My husband left me when I was 33 weeks pregnant with our son he saw his son only a handful of times and hasnt bothered at all for the last 6 weeks and has said he doenst want to be involved in his life as he has a drug addiction and isnt fit to be a good dad. Yet he is living with someone else and playing daddy to her two children. Does he still have to pay me maintenance?
jw - 2-Aug-14 @ 9:30 PM
My son was 19 two weeks ago I am still paying for him as he wont work hes supposed to go to college 3 days a week but doesn't go. do I still have to pay?
kazza - 20-Jun-13 @ 7:41 PM
I have just seperated from my wife and would like to know if I have to pay maintenance as well as half of the d/debits and standing orders in our joint bank account
bigears - 29-Jul-12 @ 2:06 PM
Hi, my friends situation is quite unusual, she shares custody of her two children with her ex husband, (she has the kids 4 days a week & he has them 2 days) He is now claiming maintenance for those 2 days, even though he is self employed & making more money than her. The CSA has stated that £50 per child is the amount to pay, she is on a low wage and is at her wits end. Please help?
Lou - 3-Jul-12 @ 9:36 PM
could you please tell me if a married man has to pay his wife still if he leaves her and if he does how long for and what does he have to pay for , the children are pass the age of concern as they have left school , do hope you can help as it will sort out a very large argument . thank you .
shady - 6-Jun-12 @ 10:05 AM
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